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Music Production Methods


  • MIDI - musical instrument digital interface. A communications protocol originally developed to control musical instruments

  •  MIDI sequencing - a recording of events rather than sounds that is then used to play and otherwise control musical instruments through MIDI protocol

  • Digital sampling - a digitally recorded sound that is usually then integrated into a musical instrument for playback

  • Software based synthesizers - musical instruments that use digital samples and are internal to the computer itself usually controlled by computer sequencer

  • External hardware synthesizers - outboard tone generators external to the computer itself that are controlled either by keyboard or computer sequencer

  • “Acidized” audio loops - short (usually one or two measures) audio Wave files that are pitch and tempo intelligent. They are used as “building blocks” for musical composition

  • Digital audio processing - the effecting of audio files through computer manipulation

  • Digital Audio recording - the digital recording of acoustically produced sounds (voice, non-electric instruments). Within the confines of Sonar, they are used for synchronous playback with sequences.


  • Most of the audio production work on Andy’s Hat was done in Sonar XL.