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The Imaginary Boy Sound


     There are several times when adult Michael delivers lines as young Michael. The other actors did not deliver their lines to the adult Michael but to an imaginary boy that the audience could not see. In order to help establish this convention, I wanted to create what I called an “Imaginary boy sound.” It was to be used just as the actor was directing their attention to the invisible child.
     This is my first attempt. The director did not like it. Too “Tinkerbell” and too long. I agreed.

Hear It

This is my second attempt. I tried to incorporate fire as with the “fires of Lughnasa” that were such an integral part of the play. Neither the director or I liked it. Too dense.

Hear It

At the end of the cast warm ups during tech I noticed the sound of one of their ensemble breathing exercises. Add movement and perfect, I thought. I found this existing sound effect of two people lighting cigarettes, complete with exhale.

Hear It


With some editing, chorusing, and overlaying, I ended up with this. We have a winner.

Hear It


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The Imaginary Boy Sound

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This was also the debut of Professor Steve M. Zapytowski and my collaborative design for an 8 channel surround system in Wright-Curtis Theatre. For you techies who like such things, click on the links below.



System Drawing 1
System Drawing 2
System Drawing 3