Ron Jarvis Sound Design, Composition, Audio Production, Education         







Custom Recordings for Theme Parks and Musical Theatre



Custom Music for Special Events



Macaw: American Worldbeat Music Band


Andy's Hat

MFA Thesis Project: Musical Composition and SFX Show Control



Booking and Entertainment Consulting



Student Success



Sound Design and Musical Composition for Dance


Traditional Theatrical Sound Designs


Sound Reenforcement for Musical Theatre











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Ron Jarvis Discography


As a Producer, Songwriter, Bass, Vocals & Guitar :

            with Macaw:   Itís Alive, Brady Lake Records, 2000

                                    Survival, Brady Lake Records, 1997

                                    Rust Belt Eruptions, CMG (compilation), 1995

                                    Oasis Acoustic Ď95, Oasis (compilation), 1995

                                    Letís Make Art, Brady Lake Records, 1994

                                    The Nesting Instinct, Sueís Room Records, 1989


As a Songwriter, Bass, Vocals:

                                    with Hotfoot Quartet: Acoustic Harvest, Folknet (compilation), 1995

                                    with Buckeye Biscuit Band: Fresh Candy, Peabody Records, 1979


Bass, Vocals:

            with Alex Bevan: South Shore Serenade, Fiddlers Wynde, 1995

                                    Watersongs, Fiddlers Wynde, 1991

                                    (Co Producer) Decco World, Fiddlers Wynde, 1987

                                    Best Kept Secrets, Fiddlers Wynde, 1985                            


            with Pat Dailey: (Musical Director) Raw Bars, Olympia, 1995

                                    Shorelines, Olympia (vocals only), 1995

                                    Looking Back, Olympia, 1994

                                    Freshwater, Olympia, 1991

                                    Overboard, Olympia, 1990

                                    After the Fire, Olympia, 1987

                                    Live and Kickiní, Olympia, 1985


            with Dan Hosford: Hoserod in Transition, C-Town, 2002


            with Dave Cathro: Big Nothing, C-Town, 2001       


Bass, Vocals, Production Assistant:

            With Nick Amster: One More Time (with The Godnicks), Mysdisks, 2010

                                    BY, Mysdisks, 2004

                                    Jingle Hell, Sanity Clause, Mysdisks, 2000

                                    Wedding, Mysdisks, 1992

                                    Birthday-1988, Mysdisks, 1988

                                    Some for Smith, Mysdisks, 1985


As a Producer:

            with Ham Sandwich: Meat the Sandwich, Brady Lake Records, 1996

                                    Leather and Lipstick, Delinquent Records (compilation), 1995

                                    All Hail the Sandwich, Brady Lake Records, 1994