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MFA                           Theatre Studies                        Kent State University, 2003                                                                                                                   

BA                              Theatre Studies                        Kent State University, 2001                                                                                                                      


Teaching Experience



Sound Design and Technology I THEA -41523    KSU Stark Fall 2011

Theatre Criticism THEA 41110/51110                 KSU Stark Fall 2009

Sound Design and Technology II THEA -41527     KSU Ashtabula Fall 2008 & Spring 2010

Live Sound Reinforcement for Theatre THEA 41528 KSU Ashtabula Fall 2008

Sound Design and Technology I THEA -41523     KSU Ashtabula Campus Spring 2008 & Fall 2009
Art of the Theatre THEA -11000                         KSU Ashtabula Campus 2008 - 2010
Art of the Theatre THEA -11000 (11 sections)     Kent State University 2001 - 2007
Art of the Theatre THEA -11000                         KSU Stark Campus 2007 - Present
Art of the Theatre THEA -11000                         KSU Geauga Campus Spring 2007
Theatre Criticism THEA 41110/51110                 Kent State University 2006

Sound Design and Technology I THEA -41523      Kent State University Spring 2003 & 2004

Training of  Audio Engineers                                        Ron Jarvis Entertainment, 1990 - Present                                                                               

Instrumental Music Lessons                                        Private, 1975 - 1990                                                                              


Conference Presentations    


Acid Pro Composition and Music Theory                                                         Presenter        Southeast Theatre Conference, 2007Atlanta, Georgia 

Entertainment Technologies: The Power of Combined Media                             Panelist         Southeast Theatre Conference, 2003, Arlington, Virginia          

How to Get a Six Figure Production Budget:The LARGE Scale Live Industrial     Panelist         Southeast Theatre Conference, 2002Mobile, Alabama                  



Professional Theatre Experience


The Glass Menagerie                                            Sound Designer                                     Brian Newberg, Director                      KSU Stark 2011

Songs for a New World                                         Sound Designer                                     Brian Newberg, Director                      KSU Stark 2011

Dating is Tough to Do...and Funny, Too!                 Sound Designer                                     Brian Newberg, Director                      KSU Stark 2010

The Story of Huck Finn                                         Sound Designer                                     Ansley Valentine, Director                   KSU Stark 2010

Crazy for You                                                       Sound Designer                                     Ansley Valentine, Director                   KSU Stark 2010            

The Mikado                                                          Sound Designer                                     Phil Robb, Director                             KSU Stark 2009

Into the Woods                                                     Sound Designer                                     Phil Robb, Director                             KSU Stark 2008
The Revenger’s Tragedy                                        Sound Designer                                      Phil Robb, Director                             KSU Stark 2007
The Marriage of Bette and Boo                               Sound Designer                                     Phil Robb, Director                             KSU Stark 2007 

Oklahoma!                                                           Sound Designer                                     Phil Robb, Director                             KSU Stark 2007

The Winters Tale                                                   Composer                                             Vincent Dowling, Director                    Kent State, 2006

HA!: A Tale from Romania                                      Recording Producer and Engineer            Dr. Calvin McClinton, Composer            The McClinton Foundation

That Feeling of Jazz                                               Sound Editor                                          Dr. Darwin Prioleau,                              SUNY Brockport, 2005         

Fright Fever (tracks for live show)                             Recording Producer and Engineer           Mark Stephens, Director                        Geauga Lake Park, 2004          

Blindness: The Irresistible Light of Encounter           Assistant Sound Designer                       Ping Chong, director                             La Mama Theatre, NYC, 2004

Journey to the Mountaintop                                Sound Designer                                      Dr. Darwin Prioleau, choreographer        Kent State, 2003           

“Big E” Awards                                                       Adjudicator                                            International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, 2003

All 2003 Live Shows                                                Live Mix Consultant                                                                                          Cedar Point, 2003

All 2003 Live Shows                                                Live Mix Consultant                                                                                          Six Flags of Ohio, 2003

Portfolio 2003 (20th Ann.)& 2004                              Sound Designer                                      KSU School of Fashion and Marketing

Scriptural Heritage                                                  Sound Designer, Composer                     Kathryn Mihelik, Choreographer              Levan Dance Company, 2002

Imagine 2010                                                         Sound Designer                                      Steve Zapytowski, Producer                   Kent State, 2002

The Campaign for Kent State University                   Sound Designer, Composer                     Steve Zapytowski, Producer                   Kent State, 2001

            (Gold Medal Winner of 2001CASE Award)

Believe (Faculty Dance Concert)                              Sound Designer                                    Kim Karpenty, choreographer                   Kent State, 2000

Little Shop of Horrors                                              Musical Director                                   Cleveland Public Schools All CityMusical   Ohio Theatre, 2000

Who Killed the Dragon?                                           Actor: The Brave Knight                        Alex Bevan, Composer, Producer              Cain Park, 1992

The Spinners, Barry Manilow,                                   Stagehand                                                                                                         Synergy Systems, 1974-1975

            Al Green, KC and the

            Sunshine Band, et. al.

Company Member                                                 Three Seasons (various jobs)                   Arena Fair Summer Theatre,                      Wooster Ohio, 1967-1969



Academic Theatre Experience


Andy’s Hat (Kent Dance Ensemble)                          Composer, Sound and Digital Media Designer,     Darwin Prioleau, Choreographer    Kent State University, 2003

         (MFA Thesis Project)                                            Show Control Programmer & Creative Concept                                    

Guys and Dolls                                                       Advisor to the Student Sound Designer       Terri Kent, Director                               Kent State University, 2003

Dance 2002: Reflections                                          Sound Designer                                                                                                  Kent State University, 2002

Look Homeward Angel                                            Composer, Asst. Sound Designer              Dr. Marya Bednarik, Director                  Kent State University, 2002

Dancing at Lughnasa                                              Sound Designer                                        Phil Robb, Director                                KSU Stark Campus, 2002

Chicago                                                                 Sound Designer                                        Terri Kent, Director                                Kent State University, 2002

Dancing at Lughnasa                                               Sound Designer                                        Monica Bell, Director                            Kent State University, 2001

The Missing Link                                                     Sound Designer                                        Johsua Johnston, Director                     Kent State University, 2001

Hamlet                                                                   Assistant Sound Designer                         Dr. Marya Bednarik, Director                  Kent State University, 2000

Godspell                                                                 Pit Musician                                            Terri Kent, Director                                Kent State University, 2000

Scapin                                                                    Music Coordinator, Composer                   Terry Burgler, Director                           Kent State University, 1999

Scapin                                                                    Proteon(Onstage Actor/Musician)              Terry Burgler, Director                           Kent State University, 1999

Grease                                                                    Musical Director                                        Dr. Calvin McClinton, Director               Kent State University, 1999



Professional Music Experience


Professional Musician, Vocalist, Composer, Producer & Band Leader including: Appearance as one or more of the above on over 25 released recording projects in addition to many commercials and corporate accounts 1975- Present Including

Music Director, Performer, Producer (3 CD’s)       “Macaw,” subcontracted to Sea World, Six Flags, Cedar Point,                                   1990 - Present

Freelance Musician                                             all styles with emphasis on Classic Rock, Reggae, and World Music                         1963 - Present

Musical Director,Singer, Bassist, Songwriter        “The Pat Dailey Show”                                                                                             1995 - 1997

National Anthem                                                 Cleveland Indians                                                                                                   1992

Singer, Bassist, Songwriter                                 “The Hotfoot Quartet Bluegrass Band”                                                                      1989 - 1993

Singer, Bassist, Songwriter, Co-producer              “Alex Bevan and Cuttlefish”                                                                                     1984 - 1986

Singer, Bassist, Songwriter                                  “First Light”                                                                                                           1982 - 1984

Bassist, Songwriter                                             “Ital Reggae Band”                                                                                                 1980 - 1982

Singer, Bassist, Songwriter                                  “The Buckeye Biscuit Band”                                                                                   1976 - 1980


Additional Abilities



Sonar Producer

Sound Forge



Vegas Video

Alesis Quadra Synth and other MIDI tone generators

Power Point


Recording and Live Audio Engineer

Commercial Audio Producer


Proficiency on the Bass Guitar

Some Guitar & Piano

Can sing Tenor or Baritone

Maintained personal project studio 1987 - Present

Band/Orchestra Leader





Steve Zapytowski            Professor, Entertainment Arts & Technology Kent State University                      330-672-0116           

Dr. Rosemarie K. Bank    Professor, Theatre History and Criticism     Kent State University                      330-672-0108

Cindy Stillings                 Director, School Of Theatre & Dance          Kent State University                      330-672-2082

Dr. Yuko Kurahashi         Associate Professor, Teaching Supervisor    Kent State University                      330-672-9483

Dr. Marya Bednerik         Professor, Playwrighting, Directing              Kent State University                      330-672-0112

Bruce Gigax                   Head Engineer, Owner                               Audio Recording, Solon Oh            440-498-0111

Gary Jurist                     Owner                                                       RCS Corp., Cleveland OH             216-432-6606

Marje Rody                     Vice President, Live Entertainment             Cedar Point, Sandusky OH            419-627-2388

 Dr. Darwin Prioleau         Professor and Chair Dance Dept.                 Suny Brockport                             585-395-5442